September 3, 2018

Every rider remembers this one moment when he/she is stuck in the middle of nowhere with a puncture or a mech failure and the only solution at that time is to call your friends or get a taxi to take you home.

According to Murphy’s law of cycling “You always get a puncture when you forget a Pump”. Often the most important tools like a puncture kit or a multi-tool are either forgotten or one relies on friends to avoid carrying it. This is one of the most common scenes observed in club rides as carrying these tools is not very convenient and adds to the overall weight.

However, with technological and innovation, riders are moving away from all kinds of bulky bags and moving towards the more convenient, equipment on your bike and ready to go tools. Now, carry all your riding essentials in one single storage and you will never miss a thing even if are the most forgetful person.

Introducing the Syncros Integrated Storage system. A safe, sleek and unique storage system to carry all your ride essentials on road and on trails. Ride essentials are the most important tools which one should never miss on any ride.



Ride essentials mostly consist of

  • Bottle
  • Multi-tool
  • Pump
  • Patches
  • Tire levers
  • spare tubes

All of this can be easily fit into a saddle bag, However, the saddle bag gets very dirty easily after a small ride too and you must wash/clean it every time. Also, a saddle bag takes away from being organized as you simply shove everything till it holds and zips it up, making it inconvenient to find things when needed and chances of losing some parts/tools is common.

Syncros Integrated Cage is designed to keep your Bottle, Pump, Multi-tool and some other essential things in an organized manner. It is tucked securely in the bottle cage and so accessing them in a very dirty or wet environment will never be inconvenient.

The cage and the brackets are made of Nylon and Glass fiber which makes it very strong, durable and flexible. Syncros designed these top entry and side entry integrated bottle cages for Road and MTB bike rides

Syncros Matchbox Tailor Cage 1.5HV – for MTB

This product has a comprehensive matchbox multi-tool, chain tool, space for chain links, patches and a high-volume telescopic pump. Primarily you can see the side entry of the bottle cage, which secures the bottle even after a hard drop on the trails.

The matchbox multi-tool and the chain tool attaches to the slider using a magnet action. This clever feature will keep your tools safer and dirt free even on the roughest downhills. The Matchbox fits in, a 14 key multi tool with hex Allen keys, a separate chain tool, quick link holder, spoke wrench. This option of 8 mil hex and chain tool won’t be seen in most of the tool set up. The side entry cages are available in left and right-hand options.

Syncros Matchbox Coupe Cage 2.0


The road version of the integrated storage follows a very minimalistic design, saving a few grams and incorporating all the essential tools of road biking.

The storage has Matchbox coupe cage with a middle entry. There is a very lightweight multi-tool tucked securely behind the bottle cage.

It also has a high-pressure pump which is an essential requirement for road bikes.

The total weight of this set is just 190 grams and if you remove the pump and use a 16g CO2 cartridge it weighs only 105 grams.

Puncture, snapped chain, loosened bolt, snapped brake or gear cable, let nothing come in your way, whether it is a trailside or road.  You can ride back home safely even after a catastrophic failure if you have these tools on your bike ride

With Syncros Integrated cages you can be “Ready to ride, Always”.


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