June 6, 2017


After riding in the tropical heat and doing as much as possible to beat the harsh sun before it rises by starting the rides as early as 4am in the morning, nothing can be more welcoming than cloudy days and the monsoon showers during the rainy season.

With monsoons, come a different set of challenges. In this article we give you some tips on how to be prepared for the rainy days ahead. Read on!



1. Be visible

With monsoon clouds looming over the head at most times, there can be low light conditions and with heavy downpours, such conditions result in reduced visibility of a cyclist- and considerably so use a flashing red tail light at all times to warn motorists coming from behind you. Pair the rear flashing tail light with a front light to warn motorists of a cyclist approaching. Replace or charge the battery if your light is dim. Further, a high visibility vest is also recommended.



2. Stay dry

Staying dry should be a common goal for all cyclists. Wear waterproof jackets/ponchos and pair it with a waterproof pair of shorts. There are fabrics with multi-layer laminated DRYOsphere membrane, or fabrics with DWR (durable water repellent) treatment designed to keep water out.



3. Use Fender/Mudguard

MudGuards helps in preventing water splash hitting you or your bike frame and go a long way in keeping the rider dry.



4. Check Tyres/Brake Pads

It’s vital that tyres and brake pads have some life left before the monsoons hit. Do check and replace if necessary. When the roads are wet, the braking distances can increase due to water on the roads getting collected.



5. Use Wet chain lube

With monsoons, it is also important to use the right chain lube to suit the conditions. Use a chain lube that’s made for wet conditions as this will help the lube stay on chain even when it rains.



6. Eyewear

Ensure you wear suitable glasses to prevent rain drops causing any disturbance whilst riding.



  • Tips to remember:

1. During heavy rains, always try to find a sheltered area and wait till it lowers down.

2. Always, be alert and go slow because the road will be slippery!

3. Get off and walk your bike on painted sections of road or pavements as they will be more slippery when it rains.

4. Avoid cycling through puddles as there are high chances that your tyres may get stuck in a pothole or drain grilles and cause you to fall!

5. Make sure you use your hand signals to give warning if you are slowing down, stopping, or turning.

Pro Tip- We love our smartphones and carry it with us always. Use a transparent plastic cover so that the phone is dry and safe!


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