January 11, 2019

6th Jan. 6 AM. The first Sunday of 2019. The sun had not yet risen in any part of the country. No matter where you were, there was a chill in the air. Yet, almost 1100 cyclists descended on the streets of India, right from Jammu to Kayamkulam, to participate in the SCOTT 60 Year Ride. A 60-minute bicycle ride taking place simultaneously across 30 separate locations in the country, to cumulatively cover the distance of India’s land frontier in celebration of 60 years of SCOTT. Two hours later, 1065 cyclists and then some more had covered 20,711.95 kilometers. But the journey to covering this distance began almost 6 months ago.



At SCOTT Sports, we’ve always taken pride in our history. And we were keen to celebrate this history with the very people that made it possible. Right from the beginning, our goal was to create an experience that would be unique and memorable and at an unprecedented scale for the cycling community. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say we almost ran through sixty different ideas before we settled on the SCOTT 60 Year Ride.

The SCOTT 60 Year Ride was as much as a challenge for us as it was for the riders. And that’s why we set ourselves a steep goal of covering a distance equaling India’s land frontier. A distance that could be covered by a large mass of riders. And to gather a large mass of riders, we would need to go to as many different locations in the country as possible. No Shortcuts isn’t a tagline, it’s a philosophy we live and breathe in everything we do.

And the same philosophy was applied to every little aspect. From how we tracked the distance covered by the cyclists to piecing together the merchandise kit each participant would get, including the special edition 60-year jersey. One which still has our entire team fielding requests from riders to get their hands on the prized item.

As we announced registrations, our nervous energy quickly changed to excitement, as in less than 48 hours, we almost had 400 registered riders for the SCOTT 60 Year Ride. To our surprise, a friendly battle began brewing amongst riders from different locations as they began to set their individual targets to outdo the rest. Fair to say, our riders live and breathe the philosophy of No Shortcuts, just like we do.

And then the big day was upon us. The nervous energy was back. Once again though, it quickly disappeared as riders arrived at their intended location, well before time. The energy levels at each location were astounding. It was almost as if no one had slept the previous night in anticipation of the ride. Even the weather couldn’t dampen the spirit that day. In spite of heavy rains in New Delhi and Gurgaon, the rides went ahead as planned, albeit slightly delayed.


Cheers erupted as the ride flagged off at 7 AM. Each group had a planned strategy in place to achieve the maximum possible distance. But the common goal was to ensure everyone had fun. And they certainly did. There was a sense of fulfillment for each rider as they crossed the 60-minute mark. We’ve lost count of the number of them who either sent us an entire video of their ride or even just tagged us in their images on social media. We started off with the goal of creating a memorable event, but the riders truly made it memorable for us.


We thought you would be interested in knowing some more details from the ride and we have put down some interesting insights especially for you as below.

Tracking the Ride
To capture this unique simultaneous ride across 30 locations and 1000+ riders, we needed a central tracking mechanism to capture the distance covered and we narrowed down on Strava to be the best option to record this record remotely.
This was a very crucial part of our project to record all the efforts put in by riders across India to achieve the milestone of covering the country’s land frontier. The tool helped us in our achievement.

The story of the Special edition ‘Retro’ Jersey and surprises

The Special edition #SCOTT60YEARRIDE ‘Retro’ Jersey is an inspiration from the SCOTT pro racing model MTB which was then the top in class XC and Downhill bike. The colours on the bike came alive on the jersey and with the SCOTT retro logo, it made for the perfect ensemble for the #SCOTT60YearRide.

The SCOTT Retro Jersey was tailor made for the #SCOTT60YearRide and is not for sale. We wanted the riders to feel special on this occasion and the jerseys painted the country green and orange on the first Sunday of 2019.

We also had some other surprises planned for the riders which included a SCOTT/Syncros sipper bottles, Probike rear helmet lights, SCOTT chain stay covers, I Take NO SHORTCUTS button badges, breakfast and a lot of fun. All put together it made for a memorable experience for everyone.

The Result

While we managed to achieve what we set out for and covered India’s land frontier, we were more than thrilled to have got all the love from our fellow riders from across the country.
We cherish all the love we received by way of numerous photos, videos, and wishes sent to us from far and wide. You can find all that happened before, during and after the #SCOTT60YearRide here


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